So normally I’m not really big into zombie books. I’ve read one other series about zombies, the Generation Dead series, and that was more about teenagers being different, and stopping hate and prejudice. This one kind of tricked me, though. The back of the book tells you about the “Unconsecrated”, but it doesn’t tell you that they’re zombies. Even still, I really liked this book.
Imagine Mary’s world: The proverbial “zombie apocalypse” has already come and gone. Guess what? We lost. Now Mary lives in a small town, surrounded by fences that protect her from the Forest of Hands and Teeth. The town overseers are the Sisterhood, the apparent remnant of Catholic nuns. They run the town, approve marriages, and hold secrets far beyond anything Mary’s ever imagined.
Caught between the boy she loves, and the one she’s been betrothed to, Mary dreams of escaping her life, traveling past the Forest, to get all the way to the ocean. Most people don’t even believe such a place exists, but Mary’s mother used to tell her stories about it, and all her life she’s dreamed of going.
When one day a stranger, an actual stranger from outside, comes to the village, it causes Mary to question everything she’s ever been taught, including the wisdom of the Sisterhood that control her life. Now she must discover if she is strong enough to overcome the obstacles forced in her path, and whether or not anyone can survive the Forest of Hands and Teeth.

A really intense novel, you’ll feel yourself sucked into Mary’s world, trapped in her isolation. If you want to know more about the book, check out my review page….