So shopping for wedding stuff is ridiculous. There are about a thousand sites, and they all promise to be better or cheaper or faster than the others, but if you’re like me, and you’re getting married 3 months after you get engaged (no, I’m not knocked up, I’m just Mormon), you don’t have time to wait for things that are suddenly on “back order”.
For example, went to a website, found some wands I liked for my flower girls. In our church the flower girls don’t really get to throw petals or anything, and they’re both like 2, so which would you rather have at that age – a basket full of flower junk, or a wand? So anyway, found the wands I wanted, but all colors except for green were on back order. Then I happened to find the salt and pepper shakers I wanted there so I figured I would just buy some butterfly clips for the flower girls, and ship them together to make the $7 shipping fee worth it. 3 weeks later, I finally get the clips, but the salt and pepper shakers aren’t in there. I email the company and they claim they ran out and tried to email me about it, but I never got any such thing. When I complained about the price of shipping on some hair clips? No response.
So, picked out the cake toppers for both cakes finally (I had mine for a while, we just found an idea, and we’re doing Wall-E for his). This time I’m not taking any chances. I’m going through Amazon. If you want some cute ideas for cake toppers without having to search through hundreds of sites, check out my Squidoo page here: