So do you love Young Adult Fiction like I do? Do you like books that make you think? Then if you haven’t checked out anything by Neal Shusterman, you’re missing out. I’ve read 5 or more of his books so far, and haven’t found one I didn’t love!
This one is called Unwind, the basic concept is this: the second American Civil War was fought about one thing – the right to choose. In the end it was decided that from conception to age 13, no one could touch a life. Then, from 13 – 18, your parents can choose to have you “Unwound”, so that you’re chopped up into little pieces, and transplanted into other people. That way life goes on, right? Following the stories of three very different teens, Shusterman finds an ingenious way to address the issue from different perspectives, letting you, the reader decide for yourself.
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