So today I get to play with my new cakeball maker I got for Christmas.  I was worried I wouldn’t have a chance to use it soon because to be honest, we’re a little sugared out around this house.  But the hubby’s birthday was last week, and family dinner is on Sunday, so we’re expected to bring a cake.  Which is awesome because guess what I found on Pintrest this week?….

Polka-Dot-Cake So now the question is:  Can I pull this off?  Now keeping in mind I’ve never used this cakeball maker before, we’ll see how this thing goes….I’ll keep you updated.  Fingers crossed!

Okay!  So the cakeballs were a success!  It took some experimenting though…


So this is the Bella cakepop maker that my mom got me for Christmas.  They warn that the first batch you make may taste a little funny-you know, until your get rid of that new appliance smell.


So I started with a throw-away batch so I could experiment with how much batter to put in.  It is a little tricky, because I started with the ones in the front and then worked my way back, but like all batter as soon as it hit something warm it already started to cook.


The next batch went a little bit better.  My husband said he wanted blue and green dots in his cake.  So we started with the blue.


This time they came out MUCH better.  I’ve just come to terms with the fact that I’ll probably be throwing some bits away every time I make these.  Though my husband would gladly have eaten them if he’d been home.

IMAG1500Next we mixed up some green batter.  I started with 2 boxes of white cake mix.  I’ve done dying before with using yellow, and ended up with green when I wanted blue.


See?  I’m getting better at this!


So here’s my nice little stack of green and blue cakeballs.  Now, you’ll notice mine came out a little browner on the outside than the original.  One, I thinks she used stronger food coloring than I did.  Two, I think I could undercook these a little next time (since they’re going back into the oven anyways) and come up with a little prettier of a result.  But since I knew my husband wouldn’t care too much, I wasn’t that concerned either way.


So, the next step involves spreading some batter from cake mix #2 into the bottom of my round pans, placing the cakeballs in, and then covering them with more batter.  Now, the original was 3 layers, but being me and only having 2 round cake pans I figured, “Hey, 2 is fine, right?”  Well, it was, but you’ll see in a minute why the original probably had 3 layers….


So yeaaaaaaaaaah…see how full those are?  I probably should have held some back, but I didn’t want to waste it, so I used it all.  I knew I could cut the top of later anyway…which is still kind of wasteful, but then again the hubby ate the tops so it all worked out in the end!


See?  So the tops were way too curved to stack, and I knew that cutting the tops off would cut the edges off some of the cakeballs, but again, oh well. So, on to the frosting….


Taaaadaaaaa!  So yes, those are all tiny little sprinkles.  See, once upon a time my husband, our best friend, and I all took a road trip to Mississippi together (we weren’t even dating yet at the time).  We stayed with my friend’s parents (who are awesome by the way), and read Percy Jackson along the way.  So now, not only has ready a Rick Riordan book aloud on road trips become a tradition, but so has eating blue food for both the hubby and the friend’s birthdays!  (Both of their birthdays are the first week of January, and the road trip was just before Christmas).  But, thus you get blue sprinkled cake, with blue (and green) dots inside. Now, on to the family party!


Happy Birthday to you….

IMAG1513So everyone was really impressed with all of the sprinkles, but the two of us were way more excited to cut into this bad boy!  Drum rollllllllllll…..


See the dots????  Aren’t they awesome!!!  So, some sections of cake ended up more dotty than others, but that’s how it goes.  And you CAN see the little ring of brown around the green dot right there, but oh well 😛


Look at that slice!  Really, it came out super great so I am very pleased with this week’s Pinterest experiment! 🙂