Is it just me or do girls today seem to be inflicted with a case of the stupids?  Surely you’ve seen this girl floating around today:


This girl, meets a guy online, then goes to meet him in person for the first time.  Within 24 hrs of meeting her, he convinces her to get his NAME tattooed across HER FACE! His name.  Her face.  And this girl was plenty cute before:

stupidBut, as we all know, cute doesn’t equal smart.  And it shouldn’t.  But girl shouldn’t also equal dumb.  If you’re a fan of tattoos that’s fine.  I’m not, but then again it’s not my body.  I think, however that we can all agree that on the scale of really stupid things, this ranks somewhere up at the top.

Why is it that girls today would rather be seen as cute, sexy, and dumb, rather than smart, educated, and in control?  At age 15 I discovered that by giggling extra loud, tossing my hair, and standing just so, I was more likely to get asked to dance at our church dances than if I just stood there hanging out like normal with my girlfriends.  I had, I would later realized, just begun to discover that all too elusive art of flirting.  Sure, it can come in handy when really needed, but that very night I recognized a decision had to be made.  How did I use this new-found knowledge and power?  I knew then and there that I could choose to be that girl full-time: giggly, superficial, and vacant, or else I could choose to be myself, letting the boy chips fall where they may.  I chose the second.

While I’d love to say that I never once after that did something stupid, silly, or cringe-worthy for a guy, I can’t.  What I can say is that that decision affected the way I’ve lived the rest of my life, always working towards bettering myself and loving myself for who I am.  And not accepting requirements placed on me by boys who thought they could influence my decisions to their benefit.  Even during the worst, most esteem-crushing relationship of my life I refused to even try tanning (I am quite the pasty little white girl) or start getting my nails done, all because the boy I was dating kept suggesting I get them done for him.  For the record, if I don’t get to change your beer drinking, overeating, wishy-washy noncommittal self, you don’t get to change a thing about me, capiche?

And while I haven’t always made the smartest of choices, and I may not have gotten married until I was almost 30, I can at least say that I was never moronic enough to tattoo a random dude’s name across my face, all in the name of love.  Though at least this guy seems to “love” her back, which is more than we can say for this girl…