So, I know I might be late to this bandwagon (especially considering that I haven’t even finished the book yet), but I’m really excited to see Beautiful Creatures tonight.  This week was my birthday, so this is going to be part of the celebration.  When I mentioned that to one of my friends last week, she gave me her copy to read before the movie.  The only problem was that I was already reading 2 different books (City of Bones and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet‘s Nest), and I felt like I needed to finish one YA book before I started another.

So I started it Thursday….  And here’s the thing: I’m only halfway through this morning, but I love it!  I love that it’s set in the South, I love the Caster world, and I love the characters.  There’s a nice balance between how much they both freak out over the new, magical developments in their lives, and how much they just accept some of them.  Honestly, it’s not logic when these characters in fantasy books either freak out about every little thing or accept them all without question.  Some things make more sense to accept than others.  That’s how changes in life go.

Now luckily, since I haven’t had time to process the series (being on book 1 and all) I don’t have too much time to freak out over what the movie might have messed up.  I’m usually really good about that, but having seen the first Percy Jackson and Twilight movies, I know how wrong it can go.  (Honestly, when the 8 yr old girl sitting behind you in Percy Jackson is getting shushed by her mom and counters her in a loud voice, “No, Mom!  This is not how it happened in the book at all!”  then you know you’ve done something wrong as a filmmaker….)  Plus, having worked behind camera myself, I find I have a lot less problems with the general changes that happen from book to film than a lot of my nerdy friends.

Don’t get me wrong, there are still definitely books I worry about.  Watching this Image become this Image actually scares me a little.  Even more after rereading it.  I want the Mortal Instruments to do well.  I read them a couple of years ago and loved them, and now rereading them I’m remembering how much I love Jace and Clary.  But here’s the thing.  I don’t want Clary becoming Bella.  Clary’s feisty.  She’s willing to go toe-to-toe with Jace and slap him in the face if need be.  I don’t need her to become this whiny, simpering little girl who’s so in love with the cool otherworldly boy that she can’t help but to follow him around like a little lost puppy.  We don’t need more of that, we have plenty of those books/movies already.

So fingers crossed tonight for Beautiful Creatures, and fingers crossed for City of Bones in the fall.  I’m excited about both.  I know the first one has already been out for two weeks, but fingers crossed on enjoying it for my birthday tonight!