So I got to sing in the choir for the CES Broadcast on Sunday.  Elder and Sister Bednar were the speakers.  It really was an amazing night.  I got to shake the hand of an apostle!!  So cool.  Plus, the message was one I really needed to hear.

Elder Bednar talked about no shrinking under adversity.  It is more important to shrink not than to survive.  So true.  And so much more inspirational to me that “handle your trials well.”  How do you know when you’re handling trials well?  Sure, other people sometimes tell you, but they have no idea what’s going on inside.  And really, how often do other people tell you that you’re doing a good job handling your trials?  (Which, by the way, I totally think we should do for each other more often.  Myself included.)  But really, Shrink Not feels more like a challenge.  And I love a challenge.

Sure, every day of your trial may not be your best, but don’t stress on it too hard.  We all have bad days, and putting too much pressure on those days can make you feel even worse.  Try thinking about this instead:  how do I want to come out from this in the end?  Do I want to be a stronger person, or a weaker one?  Do I want to be better than when I started, or the same?  Personally, I hope we all always strive for better.  The Lord gives us what we can handle, though it doesn’t always feel that way.  Turn to Him.  He makes the weak things strong, but growth and strengthening does not come without pain and time.  I realized for myself that maybe I was basing a little too much of my faith not on what answer I received, but if I got an answer.  Sometimes we don’t always get an answer, or we don’t get one in the time frame we were hoping for.  Sometimes that just means the Lord is letting us take the reins for a while because he trusts us and we are on the right path.  Maybe we just need to have more faith in ourselves and our ability to choose the right path.  The Lord will always send you warnings if you’re going astray.  Trust me.