Sorry I haven’t posted in a while!  I’ve been busy writing and editing and researching agents!  So here’s a bit of an update:

First of all, I met Stephenie Meyer!  Woohoo!

IMAG1631See?  There’s me and there’s her!!!  True, it was only for about 60 seconds, but still.  I got my copy of The Host signed (plus a couple others for some other people), and I got the two lovely boys from the movie, Jake Abel and Max Irons, to sign my book AND a poster.  (And p.s. the boys were both very super sweet and super friendly.  Made me even more of a fan of both of theirs!)  So now I’m all set to see the movie this Friday! (woohoo again!)

So then last week I went to a book signing for a book signing with Patrick Carman for his new YA release, Pulse.  LOTS to say on that…


First of all, I cheated and got the book online ahead of time so I could read it.  Read it in two days actually!  Very good.  And you have to understand something – I’m not that fast of a reader.  I’m fast enough, but I find other people tend to hand me a book like Beautiful Creatures and go, “You can finish this in like 2 days, right?”  Uh…no.  Sorry, but it took me more than a week.  Sucker is loooooong!  But this one actually went pretty quickly, and I really enjoyed it!

Brief synopsis: It’s about 50 years in the future, most people are living in either the Western State or the Eastern State, and everyone is constantly attached to their tablets.  I mean, why wouldn’t you be?  You shop there, watch the latest movies there, communicate there, and even take all your classes there.  So while Faith and her best friend still live on the outside, they still dream of boys, go to school, and wonder how long until they have no choice but to join one of the states.  Well, until Dylan Gilmore starts to take an interest in Faith, and together they explore Faith’s newly discovered talent – she can move objects with her mind.

I have to say I like Faith, and I love that she’s willing to stand up for herself when a boy treats her badly.  I’m so tired of reading, “But I could feel myself starting to waver,” or some other version of that.  Girls – if a boy is a big fat jerk, CUT HIM LOOSE!  I like that the relationship btw her and Dylan doesn’t feel forced, and develops naturally.  Also, mad props for doing a futuristic novel and not giving everybody weirdo names.  I cringe when I start reading books and all the characters are named things like Air or Brialeeena or something.  Sometimes your characters warrant weird names – but not all of them, and not all the time.

Anyway, I should also probably not that this is the first book of Patrick Carman’s that I have read.  I did just pick up a couple of his others at the library book sale, but I haven’t gotten to them yet.  So I didn’t know much about him or his work, but can I seriously tell you how nice he is?  First of all, he complimented me on my shirt (which is this one that I love from Threadless)rhino
Which of course won him points in my book.  But not only does he insist on visiting schools on his trips so he can meet kids, after talking with almost everyone that showed up he made sure to keep his comments brief so that everyone that went up to get a book signed could have a chance to chat with him.  Also he brought Cake on a Stick, which is simply a pretzel stick dipped in frosting, but you gotta love a guy who brings salty sugar snacks to his own book signing to share.

So when I talked to him I actually got to mention that I’m starting to look for an agent, and he asked about my book, wished me luck, and then referred me to Lindsay Cummings, a 21 yr old author in the audience who’s first book, The Murder Complex, is out in summer of 2014.  So I went and chatted with Lindsay who was also super nice and super helpful and sweet.  Seriously, we talked for like 30 minutes or more.  She gave me some tips from her own book journey, like that attending a writing conference might be a good idea (she met her agent at the DFW Writers’ Conference last year), and not to count out agents who don’t have published YA under their belts (her book was her agent’s first YA buy, but she was really enthusiastic about it and helped Lindsay get it sold to HarperTeen!).  Honestly, I came away almost feeling like I’d underpaid for the book, I was so high on the experience!

So now it’s time to decide if I really want to go to the DFW Writers’ Conference.  It’s about $300, but it is close to home so I don’t have to do the hotel thing.  The only other problem is that I just found out that the same weekend we’re having an apostle come to talk to us at church (if you’re not Mormon and don’t have a point of reference, just think of someone like 1 or 2 steps down from the leader of your whole religion.  Like an archdiocese maybe?  That may be a bad reference.  Someone Catholic might have to correct me 😛 )  Anyway, I really don’t want to miss it, but it’s from 10-12, so I would at least be missing the morning half of the second day.  So I don’t know.  I feel like could be ready to go to one of these, but it’s a big expense for little old me, and I’m missing 1/4 of the things I’m paying for.  So, we’ll see.  But, you guys should totally check out Pulse, and look for Lindsay’s book when it comes out next summer.  I know I will!

Peace out, guys!