I know, I know…. I’m late with this week’s calendar.  I’ll do it as soon as I switch to my desktop that has all my stuff.  I’ve been super sick this weekend, so please forgive the laziness.

The other thing that’s going on is that we’re thinking about getting a puppy.  We have one dog – who’s 75 lbs.  Understandably we don’t want another dog quite that size.  Our house isn’t really built for it.  Plus it’s a rental.  I have no problem with big dogs, but you need a lot of room to have 2 at a time.

Teeny tiny dogs, on the other hand, I do have a problem with.  My sister has one and my mom has 3.  Let’s just say, I am not a fan of purse-sized dogs.  They’re way more likely to bite, they’re yappier, and they have the unfortunate trait of never being fully potty trained, and still peeing whenever they get excited – no matter the age.  Also, if my lab mix gets into chocolate (which has happened before) it’s only so much of a worry.  As a puppy he and his brother ate an entire box of Valentine’s Day chocolate, and nothing happened.  That’s right, nada.  We watched them all night, and nothing.  My sister’s chihuahua eats a freaking Hershey’s kiss, and all heck breaks loose.  The dog’s puking, there’s a vet trip involved, and the mean people at the clinic looking at my sister like’s she’s a monster because she doesn’t want to pay $300 extra dollars to start an IV drip on the dog.  I like big dogs.  They recover much easier.

So, all that said, I’m looking for something in between big dog and purse dog.  I saw this really cute one on Craigslist today that was a shiba inu mix.  SO CUTE!  I love shiba inus.  Though, to be fair, I’ve never actually owned one, so I have no idea on the temperament….

My other consideration is that I really don’t think I want to adopt from a rescue group.  Don’t get me wrong, I respect rescue groups and what they do.   But no matter which group you adopt with, they will all have you sign an application that gives them the right to do anything from calling your vet (whenever they feel like it, for as long as you own the pet) to insisting on home visits (again, as long as you own the pet) to stating that they can, if they so choose, demand the dog back, and you can’t do a thing about it.  You agree to surrender your dog to them.  No matter what.

I get the intention behind this, I really do.  You want to make sure the dogs are going to good homes, aren’t being abused, and that you can do something about it if you find out things aren’t right.  But what if I end up with the whack job rescue group, that decides that they don’t like the kennel I chose, or the brand of dog food I buy, and they’re going to come back and snatch the dog?  Thanks, but no thanks.  I think I’ll deal with city/county services instead.  Or maybe Craigslist.

Either way, it’s not until next month that we can get a dog anyway, so that we can afford the extra pet deposit fee.  For now I just get to browse through the pics on Petango and Petfinder, and debate over whether a beagle mix, cattle dog mix, or some other mix would be best for our little family.  So many choices!!!