So can I tell you all about my new obsession/giant time suck that I love?  I can?  Great!

It is….*drumroll*….

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries on YouTube!!!!


Okay, so I’m a Jane Austen fan, but it’s definitely safe to say that I am not an obsessive fan.  In fact, I actually haven’t read most of her work.  Yep.  That’s right.  Mostly I’ve just seen the movies.  Lots and lots of movies.  (Though I have read some!)

Now, Pride and Prejudice is easily the most reinvented Austen novel ever, and some of them are really good, while others….  So, when my best friend (who has read them all) kept suggesting this series, my expectations were not that high.  i mean, it’s been done before, right?

Wow, I was wrong.  I LOVE this series!  It’s witty, hilarious, heart-wrenching, and brilliant.  The actors are amazing, they do a great job of giving all of the characters modern interactions and modern things to do, but there are also those lovely little nuggets thrown in to give reference to the original work, including some of the original dialogue.   So, let’s introduce you to WHY this series is so amazing…


First of all, while the series is 100 videos long, most average around 4-5 minutes, so they’re super fast to get through!  (Always a plus!)  Next, we have all the fun little changes like Mr. Bingley becomes Mr. Bing Lee, and thus he and Caroline are now Asian.


Also, Lizzie’s sister Lydia gets a really well-fleshed out story, and really comes off as a misunderstood, immature girl, rather than such a flake.  PLUS she gets her own videos (most of which are about 2 min) so that makes it fun, too!  (Though I will warn you, they get a little harder to watch when she starts dating Wickham :\ )

And finally, two words: Costume Theater.lizziebennetHere’s a shot of Lizzie and Charlotte playing out a scene as Mrs. and Mr. Bennet.  Not only are they hilarious, but they allow you a window into the characters who wouldn’t make sense appearing in the videos.  (And seriously, you should click on the pic and watch the video about Bing Lee and his 500 teenage prostitutes…classic!)

Oh, and the last reason I’m putting on here (though I could come up with a dozen more) for loving these videos?  Lovely lovely eye candy.  Seriously, check out some Bing Lee…

bingAnd check out some Darcy!!!

darcy lizziebennetWait, sorry, that was Lydia and Lizzie doing costume theater as Bing and Darcy!  Heeeeeere we go….

darcySee!  As The Ly-di-a would say, Isn’t he adorbs???

So, if you haven’t caught these yet, and even if you’re not an Austen addict, you should totally start watching the Lizzie Bennet Diaries!  If you don’t believe how awesome they are, check this out…

So, have you seen this series??? Are you a late-comer like me, or did you watch the vids as they were coming out???  Talk to me and let me know!

OOOH!  Also, Pemberley Digital raised waaaaay beyond their goal in support, so coming soon to a DVD set near you…The Lizzie Bennet Diaries to own in your very own home!  Yeah! 🙂

Also, if want to check out their fun merch, here you go!

So until next time, kids, I’m out!  Say Whaaaaaaaat!