One more day until it’s puppy shopping time!  I’m so excited!   I wish I could stop looking at Petfinder and Petango to browse for doggies, but I can’t!  They’re all so stinking cute!

Okay, well maybe not ALL of them.  Sorry, but when you cross anything with a Chinese Crested or a Pug, they usually come out looking weird….

So we’ve got the house prepped.  I’m spraying the yard for fleas ones more time.  Also going to have to take out some wild mushrooms that have started growing randomly, just in case…

mushroomsI’m telling you, to see these popping up all over your yard in May in Texas is freaky.  We’ve had a ton of rain and cloudy humid days lately, and I guess it was just enough to make these bad boys start popping up.  Now the current mutt is smart enough to leave them alone, but you really can’t bank on that with a puppy…  Also going to have to move that hose out of the back yard, too….

So, I’ve been trying to bone up on my puppy raising info, reminding myself of all the things I’ve forgotten, like moving cords out of mouth reach and finding new a new place for the magazine stand.  I may have watched all of the Dog Whisperer episodes available on Netflix (They only have the “best of” for right now).  Hopefully I’m set.  And if not, we’ll find out pretty quickly when we bring our new little mutt girl home!  Yeah!!!