So…..*drum roll please*…here she is, Lizzie B!

IMAG1766(1)Isn’t she adorable???  And yes, we did name her after the Lizzie Bennet Diaries, and no, we’re not going to call her “Lizzie B” the whole time.  It’s mostly just going to be “Lizzie”, but I liked the ring of keeping Fitz’s “Lizzie B” 🙂

So, there was a little drama in trying to find the right dog.  Went to the Dallas shelter, got a little hooked on one dog, but then someone else decided to adopt her while we were playing with her.  Oh well.  Next was lunch and onto the SPCA, but all their puppies were either too big or too little for what we’re looking for.  Next we went to Irving, where my husband got really attached to this beautiful little blue heeler mix.  We were all set to adopt when the snooty lady at the front wouldn’t let us take her home until she spoke with a live person over the phone from our leasing office.  It wasn’t so much that she wanted to talk to someone, but the super rude, disbelieving attitude with which she did it.  So, needless to say we kept looking.  We dropped by Arlington (no mid-sized puppies) and decided to drop back by Dallas on my way to drop off my mom.  We decided to look at one more puppy named Tina that we hadn’t seen before, and one more really mellow one that we’d looked at very first.  After looking at the mellow one again, I’m thinking the rash on her belly might have been a sign of some bigger problem.  She seemed almost out of it all day long.  Puppies shouldn’t be like that.  So, after careful debating we decided to take Tina home and rename her!

IMAG1763So she’s 5 lbs 11 0z at the moment.  Lab mix.  2 months old-ish (She and her litter came into the shelter as strays about a week before we adopted her.  Spay and neuter your pets!  So many poor puppies waiting to get adopted!!!)  And apparently might be developing a touch of kennel cough, so she’s on some antibiotics for the next little while.   Which also means we need to keep her away from Dyson for a while, which is not too much a problem because…

He is TERRIFIED of the new puppy!  I mean, yes, there’s been a little bit of aggression when she’s rushed up on him, so we’ve been keeping them mostly apart anyway, but still.  When he first met her he became a salivating fool, drooling like crazy out of stress.  When she went to lick him in the face the first time, he kept pulling his lips not back, but sideways so that she couldn’t reach him.  So, for now, we keep them separated as much as possible to avoid any possible contamination or aggression, but it really is kind of funny to watch a 75 lb  lab/pit mix running from a 5 lb bundle of puppy breath.

IMAG1764Oh, and so much for going for a dog that doesn’t look like Dyson.  The white blaze down her tummy helps, but oh well.  The grumpy lady with the stick up her butt said we couldn’t have the other one… 🙂


One more thing, here’s