Sorry!  This was supposed to be published yesterday, but for some reason only saved as a draft…

So sorry I didn’t get anything posted last week!  Puppy got her second set of boosters and has apparently doubled in size!  From 5 lbs to 10 lbs in 2 weeks!  Sounds like she’s going to be closer to 50 lbs than 30, huh?

IMAG1894Though speaking of little Lizzie, she’s in puppy jail in the kennel right now for being a twit.  Parents of toddlers, tell me if this sounds familiar: I’m trying to get ready and all I have left to do is take my vitamin.  Lizzie’s on the couch, happily chewing her rawhide, but seems to sense I’m almost done.  So she bites the couch cushion.

Me: “No!”

Lizzie: Smaller bite.

Me: (In ‘Mom voice’) “Lizzie….stop.”

Lizzie: Watches me.  Stares me down.  Leans forward.

Me: “Don’t do it…”

Lizzie: Nips the couch.

Me: Sending her back to puppy jail…

Really she was just getting tired and was trying to fight off sleepiness by misbehaving.  The second she hit the kennel she laid down and went to sleep.  After watching nieces and nephews this feels like good practice for when I have kids…

(P.S. I’m getting really distracted while writing this because I’m trying to write while watching Part of Me, and it’s right at the part where Katy Perry and Russel Brand are breaking up.  So sad! 😦  )

So anyway, I’m just realizing that I haven’t done a book review in a really long time!  So, I just finished the Hourglass Door trilogy by Lisa Mangum and really enjoyed it, so I figured why not review these?

hourglass door trilogy pix(Can I just mention how much I love that they books tell you on the cover that they’re book #____ in the trilogy?  I HATE having to research on my phone at the bookstore to figure out what was published when!  List these things for us, people!)

Now, to be fair, I read the first one almost a year ago, but the friend I borrowed it from went away for school and only recently returned all graduated (YAY!) and so now I finally got to read the other two.

First of all yes, this is one of those books where the mysterious new boy with an odd name comes to town and our main character (Abby in this case) falls for him.  But this is one of those times when you love the book, so the initial cliche is whatever…

Abby meets Dante, and weird things start happening with time.  It slows down, speeds up, stops altogether…. And his friends’ band Zero Hour seems to have similar effects on their audience.  Well, turns out Dante used to work for none other than Leonardo Da Vinci, helped him build a time machine, and was forced to travel through it.  Thus the currently odd, but time/location appropriate name of Dante.

(Which, to be fair, I also used that name for one of my characters in my book, but he’s a Marine/father and not a love interest, so I think I’m okay there…)

Now if you’re tired of the girls in these types of books being total flakes and waiting around for the boys in their lives to come and save them, then you’ll love Abby.  She’s got a fire all her own, and isn’t one to wait around for someone to come save her.  She’s got guts and she’ll go after the things she wants in life.  I love her.

Also, I have to say that the plot twists and turns were pretty great.  You didn’t see all of them coming, and they were believable enough when they did that you didn’t feel cheated by them.

I read through these books pretty fast, but that’s because I was excited to see how they ended.  Now, normally I would give you a link to her website, but as far as I can tell, she doesn’t seem to have one, so here’s the link to her page on her publisher’s page.  Not much there I’m afraid :\

So, if you like time travel, strong women, or romance in YA, you should totally check out this series!  Once you do, let me know what you think!  Until then, happy reading!