Okay, okay, I know.  I posted anything other than the calendar for a couple of weeks, but I’m doing it now, all right?  Sheesh!


So, update on the puppy front.  Lizzie B just had surgery to fix her umbilical hernia on Tuesday.  This is her recovering the day after surgery…

lizzieI know, she looks like a giant beast there, but it’s only the angle of the picture.  She’s at 17.5 lbs now, and still growing fast.  It was a big debate today whether or not to take her to the park to play with the nieces and nephews that are in town.  I definitely don’t want her busting something back open, but then again, Dyson wasn’t socialized well enough at this age because of a surgery, and I don’t want to duplicate the same issues.  So in the end I just tired her out a lot before taking her, and then rinsed her off afterwards. (She’d rolled around in the dirt pretty well…)  It’s really funny because even when she’s momentarily afraid of a grown person, she has absolutely zero fear of kids.  That’s a good sign, right?

Other than that, life is going pretty smoothly.  I’ve gotten down to 107k word count for my book, which I know, sounds like a lot, but  consider this: I started at 207k after my second draft.  That’s right, 207 THOUSAND WORDS!!!  So I’ve got a smidge more work to do, and then it’s off to formatting and tweaking up the ol’ query letter and crossing my fingers.  Wish me luck!

Anyway…I keep thinking that with all these writing prompts I do with the Teen Writing Club at the Arlington Public Library, I should start posting my stuff on here.  I volunteer with the group, and they’re some super awesome kids.  Seriously.  If you want to start a very interesting writing war, just bring up the pancakes vs. waffles debate and watch them go.  (P.S. Pancakes RULE!  GO IHOP!  PANCAKE REVOLUTION!!!)

Where was I?…Oh yes.  My writing.  So, here’s the writing prompt for the day…

dragon writing promptNow, as far as I’m aware, this came from Big Universe, but if it originated somewhere else, someone let me know!

Anyway, here’s my piece!  Hope you enjoy!  Leave comments! 🙂


    “Dragons stalk the streets, puffing out smoke and clattering their mechanical wings.”
I laugh and shake my head at the clumsy graffiti as I wait for the light to change.  Just what this city needs: more myths about Dragons.
The light changes, and we push our way across the road.  Over a hundred people, all pushing and shoving—low numbers for a Wednesday.  A chill wind kicks down 9th Avenue, and I pull my collar up around my neck.
Today is going to be a long day.
I pass by the food line, careful not to make eye contact with any of the Unfortunates waiting for their handouts.  It may seem cruel to ignore them, but everyone else around me does the same.  Look at them too long and you might start wishing for Dragons, too.  But I have a job, and don’t have time for wishing.
Don’t get me wrong.  It’s not like I love my job or anything.  Corpse Dismemberment Specialist is actually less glamorous than it sounds, but until someone finds a cure for the Rage, there’ll always be a need for it.
Nothing like job security.
The Rage is what caused the Dragon rumors in the first place.  People saying the government started the virus.  Saying that it was God’s will.  Saying whatever you say to help you sleep at night when there’s an incurable disease right outside your door.  Had I been alive during the Onslaught, I might have listened to stories of men exchanging their body parts for metal, exchanging their humanity for a chance to fly off, high above the Infected.  It might have been nice to believe that when Tommy’d disappeared six years ago—that the Dragons had Snatched him and forced him to join.  But Tommy is dead and I’m too old to believe in fairytales.
As I reach 13th, I see a commotion.  Edging my way into the crowd, I spot the problem.  A body truck full to the brim has stalled in the intersection, and no one dares to move around it.  Perfect.  The only one here forced to touch rotting corpses everyday, and I can’t even make it around these stiffs to get to my own.
I hang a left and duck behind Charlie’s Bar, hoping the alleyway is clear this early in the morning.  I can’t afford to be late.
The alley is clear but dark, overshadowed by the monoliths surrounding it.  If I were a Believer, I’d be scared of getting Snatched right about now.  But I’m not, and Mr. Time Clock isn’t going to accept “scared” as an excuse.
I pass behind Charlie’s and Hong’s Chinese Restaurant beside it.  Next to a trash bin that reeks of stale mushu and rotting fortunes, I see a kid, about my age, tatted all over, and in no way Chinese.  He leans against the wall, a smoldering cigarette dangling from his lips.  I didn’t think anyone used those things anymore.  He makes eye contact, and I give him the obligatory head nod.  He doesn’t return it, but takes a long drag, and sends out a puff of curling smoke.  I turn my collar up again and move faster down the alley.  The sooner I can get to work the better.
Wow.  Never thought I’d say that one.
I can see the traffic now at the end of the alley, but before I can take another step, something loud and metal crashes behind me.  Against my better judgment I turn and look back at the kid, only he isn’t there.  I look back the other way, as if he might have somehow ducked past me without me noticing.
Whatever.  Maybe his last name is Hong.  Maybe he ducked back into work.  I’m about to escape the weirdness of this alley when I hear a metal clanging again, this time from above.
I can feel my pulse racing as my imagination begins to run wild.
Snap out of it!
The overhead metal clangs again, only this time, it’s got friends.
My heart is pounding now, pushing through my chest.  As my hands start to shake and my body goes numb, I take a deep breath, and look up.