So…what’s new?  On the puppy front, Lizzie got her umbilical hernia repaired, and it’s finally starting to look better…

IMAG1978Trust me, it used to look way worse than that…

Also, she’s beginning to hit another Terrible…whatever stage.  Seriously, she’s gone to the kennel like 4 times today because she CANNOT QUIT BITING THINGS!  And by things, I mean everything.  Including me.  Hence the kennel to calm her down.

Also, remember when my little girl looked like this:

IMAG1894Well now she looks like this…

IMAG1985 IMAG2085And yes, that is her trying to stop me from doing my morning workout because she thinks the yoga mat is hers.  Seriously.  She freaks out if she’s in the kennel and I pull it out without her.  Little weirdo…

Also, she’s now 28 pounds.  That’s right, 28 LBS!!!!!  I don’t know how she keeps growing so freaking fast!  She’s only 4 1/2 mo old!  At this rate she’ll be bigger than Dyson!  Maybe we should stop feeding her….

Although speaking of Lizzie, I better go make sure she isn’t digging holes in the back yard right now….


So I’ve finally finished my novel.  It came in at right around 106k, which yes, is big, but hopefully not so big that it’ll scare the right kind of agents away.  I really am willing to cut things down, but at this point I need someone professional to tell me what those things are.  I’ve cut over 100k words from this stinking thing.  I’m so tired of it I can’t see straight.  But now I have to write up a query letter (yeah) and start sending it out…. yeah?

It’s not that I don’t want to send this thing out.  Believe me, I do.  But each new step in this process can be daunting, and while I feel I have the synopsis section of my query letter done, I’ve still got to throw in a bio and where I met these agents (I’m starting with the ones I met at DFWCON).   At least I feel like I have something to put in the bio, especially since I’ve been volunteering with the library kids for most of the year now.

Oh that reminds me, wanna see some pics?

Here’s the theater kids…

IMAG1668IMAG1672  IMAG1677 IMAG1679 IMAG1939 IMAG1949 IMAG1954 IMAG1957 IMAG1959 IMAG1960 IMAG1963

Aren’t they adorable?  The first batch are from last semester with the homeschool kids.  The second batch is from the summer musical, Gold Dust or Bust.  The kids had a blast!

Oh, and I don’t have lots of pics of my writing kids, but here they are getting drunk of jumbo Pixie Stix and Push Pops…

IMAG2083 IMAG2082 IMAG2081


I have to say, I love all my kids.  Sure, there’s the occasional one that starts to wear on your nerves, but the great part is that with most of those kids, being an adult lets you see them differently and realize that a lot of the “annoying” ones actually have other issues they’re managing.  Like the one of the kids in the homeschool group who could not seem to let things go!!!  We finally talked to his mom, and it turns out he has epilepsy.  She’s pretty sure that it affects him being able to move on from certain subjects that interest him, and she gave us some great tips in managing him.  Huge difference.

Have to say, I feel very fortunate for the chance to work with these guys.  They’re awesome!

So that’s about it for the day.  About to go start some dinner.  Maybe seeing Percy Jackson tomorrow.  Fingers crossed it doesn’t suck as much as the first one!!