So I psyched myself up and went to go see Sea of Monsters this weekend…

First of all, let me explain.  The reason I had to “psych myself up” in the first place, is that the first Percy Jackson movie was just So. Dang. BAD.  Seriously, I am not a fan.  And it’s not that i don’t love the books!  I do!  In fact, my best friend and my non-boyfriend (now husband) all read the first one together on a road trip, and to keep up with tradition, we still read Rick Riordan books whenever we’re headed out of town.  In fact, I’m looking forward to House of Hades coming out in October, partly so that we’ll have something to read on our anniversary trip!  (Finally almost done with Mark of Athena!)


Also, let me tell you that I am NOT one of those people who can’t accept that the movie is going to be different than the book.  Hello?  Film major here!  But even varying greatly from the book isn’t an excuse to make a bad movie.  It just isn’t.  As book lover we all love to say that the book is better than the movie, but that’s not always true.  In New Moon they fixed my biggest problem with Jacob by leaving out his Emo “kiss me or I’ll let myself die” speech.  (Sorry, girls, but any boy that tries to force you into a romantic encounter in order to prevent their suicide isn’t worth your time.  Or a romantic.  Or someone you should continue to associate with at all…)  Or, in Stardust, based on the novel by Neil Gaiman (who I LOVE), I actually like parts of the movie version better.  In the book, Yvainne doesn’t meet up with the witches until the very, very end of the story.  I like that she’s got something scary to run from in the movie.  It makes things more intense.


Ooh!  Or what about all the songs about bathing or Tom Bombadil that we cut from Tolkien?  I could have done without those in reading the books…

But The Lightning Theif was just BAD.  There were parts of it I liked, sure, but as the discrepancies kept adding up, and the film problems kept mounting, I think I hit my final roadblock when creepy Persephone started hitting on Grover.  Ew.  Just ew.

And you KNOW a kids’ movie has missed the mark when the 9 yr old girl behind you suddenly says “No, Mom, I’m sorry.  But this is not like the book at ALL!”  Kids should just be impressed that the book character has come to life in a magical way.  If you miss that, then you fail.

And if you’re one of the people that loved the first movie, then I apologize.  Like what you want.  I’ll watch Twilight or the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie any day of the week for some good campy fun, and I can attest that there is such a thing as a good bad movie.  But for me, this one just wasn’t it…


So, needless to say, I was a little nervous about seeing this one.  In fact, my husband refused to go see it with us.  I think he was almost convinced until he saw the Mist turned into a spray in the trailer and then he checked out again.  But like I said, I’m willing to let a certain amount go…  Plus, Nathan Fillion AND Anthony Head AND Stanly Tucci…I’m willing to give it a shot.

All that said, Sea of Monsters was WAAAAAAAY better than the first one!  Anthony Head makes a great Chiron.  Tucci is great as always.  As is Nathan Fillion.  Leven Rambin (who you might recognize from playing Glimmer in Hunger Games) made an EXCELLENT Clarisse.  Seriously, I was routing for her even when she was up against Percy.  She’s pretty freaking awesome.  Plus after The Host, I have to say that I now have a deeper love of  Jake Abel (oh, and did I mention that I met him in person and got an autographed poster of that movie and how super nice he was? 🙂  )

sea of monsters

In this one, the special effects better.  The storyline is truer to the original work.  And it’s FUNNY.  They did a lot to make sure to bring the funny in this one and it paid off.  And sure, they had to change some things, like making the prophecy say “reach the age of 20” because, let’s face it, these actors were already way too old to be pulling off 14 yr olds in the first one, but you could really feel them trying to fix some of the mistakes made in the first movie, so much props there.

sea of monsters clarisse

But the relationship Percy and Tyson develop is great, and really makes Percy have to change his way of looking at things.  He also provides a great way of Annabeth to grow and change as well (just like she did in the books).


So, if like me, you were a bit disheartened by the first movie, you should definitely go and see this one.  It’s much better.  I know I’m making the hubby see it now.  AND it appears that they’re trying to make the rest of the 3 books into movies as well (which they really should have been trying to do in the first place).  So yes, I say you should see this one, it’s a fun adaptation, and good even if you haven’t read all the books.  Though, I must say, if you’re a Rick Riordan fan and you aren’t following him on Twitter (or Facebook) you totally should.  He’s on their regularly, responding to fans, and you get fun insights, updates, news stories that relate to his books, and fun little tidbits like this:

RT: Christ4Everyone 13 Aug

My wife with our daughters, Thalia & Annabeth. Thanks @camphalfblood for giving us such beautiful and unique names.



How cute is that???  And GREAT characters to name your girls after.  Strong, intelligent, fierce… I love it!  So follow him @camphalfblood .  For serious.


And one last thing before I let you go…if you like reading YA or love stories at all, you should totally check out The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith.  Seriously.  It’s awesome.

statisticalAnd this is coming from a person that does not read straight contemporary YA romance…like ever.  Generally there needs to be some kind of mystical, fantastical, post-apocalyptic element in there for me to get really into a YA romance.  This one I finished in two days and just devoured it.  it’s a boy and girl who meet on a plane while the girl in on her way to her father’s wedding….to the woman he had an affair with to break up their family in the first place.  There’s just something compelling about Hadley and her issues with her dad, and the sweet (did I mention British) Oliver and their intense, sudden connection that makes you hope desperately for Fate to keep intervening on their behalf.  Haven’t we all had one of those “You’re Beautiful” moments where we meet a person in passing, and are left wondering “What if?” as soon as the moment is gone?  Seriously, check out this book.  It’s pretty darn good.