So sorry I haven’t written this up yet, considering that I saw the midnight showing on Tuesday, but Wed was a sleepy day, and by bedtime I was sick with something (still am) so it took me a little while to get around to this.


So, as you probably guessed from my last post I was a little nervous about going to see this movie because I love the book series, and didn’t want them to ruin it.  My biggest fear honestly was that they would turn Clary into some kind of simpering, stuttering, apologetic, wimp…like another movie that shall not be named…

But it.  Was.  Ah-mazing.  Seriously.  If you’re a fan of these books and you’re waiting until this weekend to see it, you’re in for a treat!  (You know, assuming you can let the minutia go…)  The action scenes were excellent!  Even Clary gets to be a bad A!  And Isobel?  Man, that girl’s freaking awesome and so is her bracelet/whip!  They also (in my humble opinion) did enough to not stay completely strict to the original story, so that say when you see a demon, it surprises you (partly with its grossness) because it’s not what you had imagined, but it’s still scary and cool.


I don’t want to go into too many details, because I don’t want to leave a bunch of spoilers around here, but the movie definitely stayed true to the original essence of the book.  And it was fun watching all the high school girls scream at things like Jace suggesting Clary ask him to take his shirt off. 🙂  (Okay, I might have cheered a little, too, just to join in the fun.  Don’t judge me!)

The chemistry was there for sure between Clary and Jace, and they did a great job with the Simon aspect as well.  Also, Valentine?  Not how I pictured him, but still very creepy!


And if you haven’t read the books yet?  You’ll still enjoy this movie!  It’s got action, adventure, betrayal, revenge, sword fights, romance… (I feel like I’m describing the Princess Bride here…)  Heck, even my friend’s uninterested brother came back with, “I liked it, even though I don’t want to like it.” 🙂

Okay, now that said, I did want to mention one other thing:

Parents of 12 yr old girls everywhere…do NOT send your daughters out to a midnight showing all by themselves!  I don’t care if there are 3 of them!  Three 12 yr olds do not make a 36 yr old!  What they make is prey for Creepers and Latchers.

Unfamiliar with Latchers?  Well here, let me give you an example…

As anyone who has participated in a midnight showing before knows, as you’re sitting around and waiting in line, you inevitably start making friends with the people around you, like we did with the group of 6 girls on the other side of the rope line.  3 of them were 16-18, the other 3 were 12.  The two groups came separately to the theater, but made friends there because they were all dressed as shadow hunters.  Sometime before the movie, Random Guy whom we shall call Philburt, comes over and starts talking to the girls.  For like 45 MINUTES.

Now my friend, L, has a 12 yr old sister herself, and instantly got worried about this guy.  “Does he know them?” she asked.  One glance at him and I said, “Nope.  He’s a Latcher.  He just showed up and latched on to their group.  Trust me, I attract those type of guys all the time…”

And is if to confirm my assumption, the boy then tells the girls that he’s never read the books, doesn’t know what the movie is about, but had a free movie ticket and decided to wait around and see a midnight showing with a bunch of fanatics because he “saw all the pretty girls waiting in line.”  Now, does that sound like the kind of 18 yr old you want hanging around your 12 yr old???

Now generally these kinds of guys are harmless.  I good dose of ignoring and sometimes (as you’ll see in a moment) a healthy serving of embarrassment can make them go away.  (And no, being nice to them is not the answer.  Any form of nicety is just encouragement to a Latcher.)

To be fair, when the kid found out that most of the girls he’d been talking to were teenie boppers, he did take off to stalk another line for someone to latch onto.  But he kept swinging back by when his plan was obviously failing.  Cut to us, sitting now in the theater, right behind these girls, and Philburt is now down at the bottom, standing next to a theater worker and stroking his chin (for like 10 MINUTES) as he surveys the crowd.  Eventually L got tired of the guy and went down to confront him.


L: “Hey, you know those girls you were talking to before are like 12, right?”

Philburt: “Uh, yeah.”

L: “So you’re not looking for them, right?”

Philburt: “Um no…I was uh…just looking for somewhere to sit…”

L: “Good.  Because that’s just not going to happen.”

So L returns, to the praise and worship of the girls she’s defended, who are now in full freakout mode with “What if he’s waiting for us when we leave?” “If this were Criminal Minds, he’d be ready to kill us right about now!” “If he’s out there when we leave, I’m waiting outside instead of inside.  I don’t care what my mom told me!”  And best of all, “I’m not telling my mom about this!  She’ll never let me come back for something like this!!!”

And there it is.  It’s not just the “What if a Creeper or a Latcher starts chatting with my tween-age daughter?”  But “What if she then doesn’t tell me about it?”  “What if the guy DOES in fact com after her?”  “What if I have no idea?”

Now luckily this guy was pretty harmless.  The girls (going in pairs) did see him hanging around the bathrooms later, looking for someone else to latch, but what if he’d been creepier?  What if we hadn’t been there?  What if one of those girls went to the bathroom by herself and he was able to get her out of the theater?

Look, whatever age you decide is old enough for your kids to start doing certain things is up to you, but 12, in my opinion, is WAAAAAAY too young to be going to a midnight showing alone.  I don’t care how much you need sleep or how much they beg or how much you don’t want to see that crappy teen flick (which this one was not, but whatever).  Either be one of the many parents we saw, attending the movie with their kid, or be the mean parent that makes them stay home until a “reasonable” hour.   Because even harmless 18 yr old Latchers are willing to hit on your 12 yr old daughter, and you never know when the next one might be an actual Creeper, and not quite so harmless.


Oh!  And the preview I saw that I’m most excited about??? This one: