So tomorrow some friends and I are getting up at 5 AM to go to the Austin Teen Book Festival.   SO.  FREAKING.  EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!  Seriously, can I tell you how cool it is that there’s an entire festival dedicated to YA books just 3 short hours from where I live???  Let me tell you about all my geekiness about this….

First of all, there’re the authors.  People like Holly Black (LOVE!), Rosemary Clemet-Moore (Such a doll!), Robin Wasserman (Skinners for life!…ish), Marissa Meyer (go androids!), and so many more!  They’re all going to be there and talking about things and signing books and….AHHHHHH!  It’s going to be amazing!!!

Second, there’s the book signing.  While I am also excited to go to the Texas Book Festival next month, you can only buy books at the event and only have those copies signed.  At the Teen Festival, for every 1 book you buy, you can get 3 person copies signed.  That’s 3 for the price of 1!!!!!!

Third?  They list the food prices for the day ON THE WEBSITE.  Now, that might not sound like much, but when you’re trying to budget for gas, food, and books, it’s important to have an idea how much cash on hand you might need.

And last, but in no way least…Epic Reads.  They’re going to be there.  That’s right, these two lovely ladies will be there live and in person!

tea timeWhich is so awesome it makes me do that exact same happy dance. And then a book shimmy.  So much feels!

(Which, p.s. if you’re not familiar with Epic Reads’ Tea Time, once a week they do live chats and show you what new YA books are coming out from HarperTeen and discuss books.  How freaking cool is that?)

And yes, I might be a little more geeked out than normal about them being there since they actually responded to me on Facebook, but whatever.  I like attention and people responding to be with gifs of Colbert and Kermit doing a happy dance.  So there!

kermitSo, I have my list of potential book buys all made up!  Although, hang on a sec while I go print that…

I’ve got the giant bag of trail mix made, Honey Mustard Pringles (which are waaaaaay too addicting), water bottles…I wonder if anyone’s gotten Twizzlers yet?  I should probably ask the Candy Queen coming with me.  If not we need to get some.  Twizzlers are amazing because of the amount it takes before you start feeling sick to your stomach.  That’s an important quality in a strictly sugar-based candy.

Also, we made some really awesome shirts so that we can pick each other out in a crowd, and because well, we just like making shirts, okay?

IMAG2129 IMAG2161Of course, while the front matches, the backs were each done individually.  I think mine is the only one with hearts on it.  Some of my books got too close together, and some of them left gaps.  Though, looking at it now, I might add a tiny heart btw Percy Jackson and Beautiful Creatures.  What do you think?

Anyway, geeked out about this trip.  Sad that husband has to stay at home, but somebody’s gotta let the dogs out to pee and work on my car!  (That sounds, bad, doesn’t it?  Meh, he’s the only one coming on the next trip, so there!)  And, whether or not you asked for it, here’s the latest puppy picture:

IMAG2151Isn’t she a beast?!  She’s 40 lbs now!!!  It’s insane!  Plus she ate another book last night.  We’re going to have to find a way to put a stop this…Book eating will not work in my house…

Anyway, I promise I’ll take pics and post them!   If you follow me on Twitter you can see my updates there during the day! See you all on the other side!