So my week this week has been a mixed bag to say the least.  First of all, let’s start with the FAIL…

My big dog, Dyson, hates the bath and just pouts in it the whole time.  Little Lizzie B (who’s hit 50 lbs!!!!) on the other hand bites at the shower, and apparently fights her bathwater now.  So it was so hilarious I decided to take a video…if only I’d had my glasses on then maybe I’d have noticed sooner that Lizzie’s toenails were taking off the badly done bathtub refinishing, which we will now have to repair.  The video’s still hilarious, though…

Then onto the success!  We had a potluck at church and I wanted to make these Monster Eye Cookies I found on Pinterest.  Except the blogger used a different recipe so her cookies cracked and looked creepy, where as mine came out all smooth.  Also, my eyeballs weren’t sticking, so I made a “paste” using powdered sugar and water and dyed it red.  Then I painted “paste” on with a paintbrush and added veins. I think they came out pretty cool:

IMAG2203My kids in my primary class loved them at least.   So then, there was the Frankenstein cake.  The successful failure….

I’d seen a few different examples of how to do this cake online, so I figured I’d have myself a go at it.  Here’s the initial result:

IMAG2205Pretty decent, right?  Nice hair, solid nose, some stitches….  I used my cookie gun’s frosting attachments, though one trigger squeeze did run out on the smile, so that’s where the little mess-up came in there.   But all in all I thought it was pretty good.  But then there was the car ride to church….

IMAG2206Apparently the cake frosting hadn’t quite cooled yet.  But you know what?  That’s okay, because I almost like this one better!  In fact, that seems to be the general consensus from my Facebook friends.  Everyone likes this one better.  So yeah for Halloween and for things that aren’t supposed to look perfect!