So today I decided I wanted to share some of the YouTube videos I’ve been watching lately.  Just ’cause 🙂  So here you go…

Kid Snippets

(This is how I feel running sometimes…)

Boyce Avenue with Bea Miller – cover of Katy Perry’s Roar

(Because it’s awesome and what’s life without a little music?)

Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix – cover of Imagine Dragons Radioactive

(Yes, I know this one has been around for a while, but it’s AH-MAZING, and it just won a YouTube Music Award!)


(Because SYTYCD is my new YouTube obsession and I love this one!  Plus, isn’t Melanie’s outfit so freaking cute????)


(Because if you follow ANYTHING on YouTube, you should join Nerdfiteria and follow John Green and his brother and I feel like this one is nice and inspirational, which I love!)

Meet My Rapist

(This one I found strange, interesting, and cool.  But I will warn you, as it says in the title, it’s about Rape, but it’s a really unique take on being a rape survivor, so I’m including it today.  Also, one or two curse words in there.  Just in case you care!)

Ricky Gervais and Ellen

(Because they’re both funny and great!)


Happy Tuesday!!!!!!!!!