Okay, I’ll admit it…

I’ve finally gotten sucked into the Divergent hype and this stupid book is keeping me from sleep!

Sure, that might not sound like much of a problem,  but here’s some reasons why it is:

  1. This series is only 3 books long. This means I need to read SLOWLY in order to get the most out of it.  So far, not so good.
  2. While yes, I did wait to start reading it until the 3rd one had been released, it was only released a few weeks ago, which means it’s still expensive and I may have to put off buying it for a while.
  3. While I’ve been avoiding spoilers as much as I can, I do know that a lot of people were not thrilled with the way the book series ended which makes me nervous…
  4. AND, it makes me nervous that someone is going to ruin it all for me.  It’s the reason I had to rush through HP when I read it, too…
  5. Also, it’s bedtime now.  No, correction, it was bedtime an hour ago.  But since the hubby went to bed early, I decided to stay up and read some more.  Now all I want to do is keep reading, but that means I won’t get anything done tomorrow, and I’m trying to get back into working out more and get this dang 2nd book written so slacking off is NOT an option.

Sigh.  All 1st world problems, I know.  Poor me, huh?  Even still, it IS nice to be hooked on something new.  One of those things that flows easily, has the right amount of action, intrigue, and danger all mixed in with just a smattering of kissing to make your heart go melt.   So, 70 pgs left to go, and I’m making myself go to bed.  Divergent, I will see you in the morning.